Viome Gut Intelligence Test



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Eat intelligently.

Viome's Gut Intelligence Test™

Comprehensive health insights about your gut microbiome that empower you to make the best lifestyle and nutrition choices for you.

What are your Superfoods?  What should you Avoid?  What should you Minimize?

Our Gut Intelligence Test™ is a simple, at-home stool test and questionnaire.

Balance your gut microbiome with a personalized, 90-day action plan.

Because every person is biochemically unique, we all have different nutritional needs that one-size-fits-all diets can't address. Your gut makes it simple. It knows what foods are going to help you and what foods are harmful to you right now.  

We're just here to translate. 

Access your results and recommendations anywhere, anytime.

You can easily access your results and recommendations on the Viome app or by logging in to...