Pork Snack Sticks (12-Pack)

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A Clean-Ingredient Meat Snack Stick Made from 100% Natural Pork from Crate-Free Hogs 

No MSG, Nitrates, Nitrites, or Junk 

Introducing the best meat stick available: FBOMB Pork Sticks.

We were sick of standing in the grocery aisles reading nutrition labels and walking away empty-handed because of hidden carbs, sugar, and junk ingredients in other options. 

Most meat stick and keto jerky companies have no idea where their meat comes from, and their products are full of fillers, chemicals, and junk ingredients like corn syrup, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, soy, and added sugar. 

Not FBOMB Pork Sticks.

We developed a tasty and filling real-food product completely free of anything artificial so you can feel confident about what you and your family are eating.

Blended with a few other simple and clean ingredients, then smoked until it reaches the perfect flavor and texture, our pork sticks are perfect for those living a low-carb, keto, and...